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Yes, they are legit! Mind blowing beauty!! When I first saw it I just couldn’t believe its realism and beauty, definitely a perfect work of art. To be honest I was skeptical and doubtful before my box arrived so neatly and in perfect time to South America, but now …. Great experience thanks to the seller, wise advice, very supportive, helpful and kind. This must be the best doll online store in the world! One of the best services I’ve ever had! No troubles at all even though my box had to travel around all the globe! Highly recommended!!

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Yes, excellent service, great experience. First time purchase of a Sex Doll and nothing but good things to say. First of all there aren’t enough stars here for the Sales Team at this site! They are top notch!! Every business should offer customer service this way. They worked with me on every detail and made an otherwise uncomfortable purchase fun and enjoyable. Ran into a couple of snags but they were right on it and made things right. Thank you all for that! Next my doll, all I can say is MAGNIFICENT!