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Most Popular Blonde Sex Dolls

165cm (5.41ft) Small Breast Sex Doll DR19092709 Calista

The doll I received is of outstanding quality. The joints are nice I can pose her on any position I want. The seller was extremely accommodating and provided excellent customer service. Highly satisfied!

【Cyber Monday Sales Week 799 USD】165cm DQ19052012 Betty 【Free Heating system + Free Standing Feet】【Ready to ship】

I’m impressed by the variety of options available, allowing customers to customize their dolls according to their preferences. It’s like choosing your dream girl. It is my first time having to take care of this type of doll and I am happy how the seller guided me. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, the vendor is legit and safe. She’s beautiful, she’s sexy, curvy, fun to look at, and fun to play with! Oh, and I LOVE her lingerie! Over all, you and your team knocked it out of the park! I love her, and all of you for putting a smile on my face every day I come home from work! I hope you and your team makes the next customer as happy as you’ve made me! A huge thank you! And will check back soon to see what else I might be interested in! Much love! Take care bro! Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, it’s legit. This is the real deal! This is my first experience purchasing a doll and I received awesome customer service from everyone at the company. Very patient, answered all my questions, did me a great deal, couldn’t be happier with the service. Also my doll arrived safely and swiftly, She looks (and feels) AMAZING! Even better than I expected, being a doll based on an anime character. She was well packaged during shipping. Very happy customer! Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, this seller is legit. So happy!! She’s absolutely amazing. Doll looks 100% like the photo. The customer service has been top notch. Absolutely love their customer service. They keep you informed the entire time with emails from the submission of my order all the way until the delivery. I was concerned this company would send me a substandard product or something other than was pictured but I received exactly the doll pictured. I was skeptical but the seller won me over! Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, they are legit. Exceeded all expectations. My doll is beautiful and the regular communication from the seller made the wait considerably more tolerable and, in the end, it is very worthwhile. Overall this is fantastic experience, and I am really pleased with my new companion. As the site indicates, she is really a work of art. Thank you very much! I could not think of going anywhere else from now on! No regrets, and highly recommend this site and seller. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, they are legit, not scams. Pleasantly surprised! My first purchase, and was impressed with not only the quality of the items ordered, but the magnificent service. They are completely on top of the entire process right through to final delivery. They know every detail. First rate service. The doll is Absolutely stunning, yet heavy. She is awesome, very soft and feels realistic. She looks just like the photos. I can’t keep my fingers off her. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with another order in the future.

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Yes, service was great and the staff was so wonderful. The seller provided excellent assistance in my purchasing decision. I was able to confidently choose the options that I wanted and had no regrets when the product arrived. Cute and sexy, just the way I like it! These breasts feel so good!! they are extremely realistic and great looking. You just can’t take away your eyes and hands away from them!! Thank you! Definitely recommend these guys!!

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Yes, the vendor is legit and great! Had excellent customer support and communication throughout the whole process. Trust me, I bugged these guys every week lol, but EVERYTIME, they were extremely helpful, and informative. Plus, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, I’m impressed that the package made it through customs so easily. So if you were like me taking days to research, and pick a supplier, I’d suggest these guys. Now let me go “enjoy” my doll lol Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, they are legit! Mind blowing beauty!! When I first saw it I just couldn’t believe its realism and beauty, definitely a perfect work of art. To be honest I was skeptical and doubtful before my box arrived so neatly and in perfect time to South America, but now …. Great experience thanks to the seller, wise advice, very supportive, helpful and kind. This must be the best doll online store in the world! One of the best services I’ve ever had! No troubles at all even though my box had to travel around all the globe! Highly recommended!!